• Georgia uses methods of winemaking that you couldn’t invent in the modern world; you could only inherit them through the mists of time…

    Oz Clarke, The History of Wine in 100 Bottles

  • Georgia’s winemakers are the guardians of wine’s oldest traditions...

    Andrew Jefford, wine writer, Financial Times

  • A great Saperavi is shockingly good; no other words will do.

    Andrew Jefford, wine writer in Financial Times

  • Wine is the Georgians’ poetry and their folklore, their religion and their daily bread

    Alice Feiring

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Broadway World

RAW WINE FAIR Delights Seekers of Authentic Expressions of Terroir

Dec 02 2018

"The Raw Wine Fair was held in Brooklyn recently and attracted throngs of attendees eager to taste authentic wines from 140 passionate winemakers. The program's location at a sprawling, industrial space -- 99 Scott Avenue in Bushwick -- added to the edgy vibe of these sometimes polarizing beverages..." 


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In Georgia, Life Is A Moveable Feast. Leave It To The Jews To Eat It Up.

Nov 29 2018

"On a trip to Georgia, while retracing the footsteps of a modernist Russian poet for a dissertation, Goldstein realized Georgian food had to be written about. “People were smiling, there were lemons, there were watermelons, there were sun, and I realized I had to write about it,” said Darra. Georgian cuisine had yet to be officially codified, with the exception of Georgian princess and feminist Barbare Jorjadze’s 1874 offering..."

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Culinary Backstreets

Vinotheca: Ahead of the Pack

Nov 26 2018

"Vinotheca sets itself apart from all the others by having a friendly staff that loves and knows wine. It is also not bound to one specific company and offers a wide range of family as well as larger company wines. There are natural wines, conventionally made wines, some aged in kvevri, others in oak or stainless steel. Their only dogma is that they sell what they like..."


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