• Georgia uses methods of winemaking that you couldn’t invent in the modern world; you could only inherit them through the mists of time…

    Oz Clarke, The History of Wine in 100 Bottles

  • Georgia’s winemakers are the guardians of wine’s oldest traditions...

    Andrew Jefford, wine writer, Financial Times

  • A great Saperavi is shockingly good; no other words will do.

    Andrew Jefford, wine writer in Financial Times

  • Wine is the Georgians’ poetry and their folklore, their religion and their daily bread

    Alice Feiring

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Food and Wine

Where to Drink Georgian Wine in America

Oct 30 2018

"Whether amber colored skin-contact wines pique your interest, or a Merlot-based Saperavi blend sounds more your style, Georgian wine has something for every palate—and America is interested. Here are some of the United States' best spots for drinking Georgian, right now..."



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Smarter Travel

5 Secret Wine Regions You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Oct 17 2018

“…If you had to guess which wine region was the world’s oldest, you’d be right to say it’s in Europe. But you might be surprised to find out that, dating back 8,000years, it’s in a country that many Americans haven’t even heard of: Georgia…”


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CNN Traveler

South Africa's Top Sommelier on Where to Find the Best Wine

Oct 12 2018

Wines from Georgia are the wines that tap "into the identity and history of viticulture..."


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