• Georgia uses methods of winemaking that you couldn’t invent in the modern world; you could only inherit them through the mists of time…

    Oz Clarke, The History of Wine in 100 Bottles

  • Georgia’s winemakers are the guardians of wine’s oldest traditions...

    Andrew Jefford, wine writer, Financial Times

  • A great Saperavi is shockingly good; no other words will do.

    Andrew Jefford, wine writer in Financial Times

  • Wine is the Georgians’ poetry and their folklore, their religion and their daily bread

    Alice Feiring

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Why You Should Consider Ditching Rosé and Drinking This Instead

Jun 11 2018

"...[T]hough orange wine may be new to some, it’s hardly new. Orange wines have been made in Georgia (the country, not the state) for thousands of years..."


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Culinary Backstreets

Day Drinking, Pt. 2: The New Wine Festival

Jun 06 2018

The eighth New Wine Festival welcomed over 130 family winemakers and 100 companies this year. These “small companies have been instrumental in generating a global buzz on Georgian wine…”


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Wine Enthusiast

How Producers are Returning to Winemaking’s Roots

May 30 2018


Producers all over the world are going back to winemaking's roots by reviving the age-old practice of aging wine in clay pots, a method that creates exceptional bottles you are going to want on your shelf.


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