• Georgia uses methods of winemaking that you couldn’t invent in the modern world; you could only inherit them through the mists of time…

    Oz Clarke, The History of Wine in 100 Bottles

  • Georgia’s winemakers are the guardians of wine’s oldest traditions...

    Andrew Jefford, wine writer, Financial Times

  • A great Saperavi is shockingly good; no other words will do.

    Andrew Jefford, wine writer in Financial Times

  • Wine is the Georgians’ poetry and their folklore, their religion and their daily bread

    Alice Feiring

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Real Simple

We’re Calling It: Orange Wine Is the New Rosé

Apr 05 2019

"Orange wine has been around for centuries — it’s been produced in the republic of Georgia for thousands of years, and more recently made in Italy, Slovenia, and even Long Island, NY. It’s been sneaking its way into the menus of trendy restaurants and wine bars for the past couple years but never really had its true moment to glory. Summer 2018 (let’s be honest, summer 2017 and probably 2016, too) was all about that cheerful pink glass of rosé (or even frosé). But it's official: Orange wine as the go-to drink of this summer. The time has come, the walrus said."

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What to drink this weekend: Saperavi, a noble Georgian red

Mar 15 2019

"It’s made in the contemporary European style, a rich ruby juice ripe with notes of blackberry, good acidity, and a relatively modest alcohol level (12.5 percent) that makes it versatile with food. It also has a spicy oak finish that pairs well with a platter of kebabs, meaty khinkali soup dumplings, game meats, and spicier dishes like beef ostri stew or rustic kharcho soup..."

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Meet The 25-Year-Old Georgian Winemaker Named To Forbes' 2019 30 Under 30 Europe List

Feb 12 2019

"Georgians have been making natural, biodynamic wine decades before it became a trend. Her wine is an exemplary wine that balances tradition with new-age approachability," says Steiner, who herself is an alum of the Forbes 2018 30 Under 30 Food and Drink list. "Its bouquet bursts with thyme and soft herbs and it drinks with a savoriness and salinity perfect for the food at Himitsu. The wine is self-contained umami..."

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