Shilda Winery

APPELLATION KvareliĀ (Kakheti/Kvareli)

Founded in 2015, Shilda Winery is situated in the principal region of viniculture in Georgia and offers more than 20 varieties of wine that includes both standard and premium wine lines. The company also produces high alcohol drinks: Georgian Brandy, Grape Vodka and Chacha.The winery is fully equipped with modern Italian and French facilities, has the own laboratory with German technologies.

Shilda Winery pays homage to the rich heritage of wine history in Georgia, combining centuries-long traditions with innovative new technologies to produce high-quality wines with carefully selected local grape varieties. The company aims to produce high quality products that meet the international markets’ and customers’ requirements and to expand its sales area.


Village Shilda, Kvareli Municipality, Region Kakheti, Georgia


Shilda Winery is located in Georgia’s easternmost Kakheti region, which is famous for its winemaking history and its fertile climate for cultivating local grape varieties. The winery sits in the Alazani River Valley with the impressive Caucasus Mountains to the north and the nation’s capital Tbilisi in the southeast.


Georgian Toast

Kosta Chernikov

Tel: (781) 801-4018


Available: MA

Rkatsiteli (2016)

Tsinandali (2015)

Mtsvane (2015)

Kisi (2017)

Manavi (2017)

Khikhvi (2017)

Pirosmani (2015)

Saperavi (2016)

Mukuzani (2015)

Otskhanuri Sapere (2015)

Alazani Valley (2015)

Pirosmani (2015)

Akhasheni (2015)

Khvanchkara (2015)

Usakhelouri (2015)

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