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APPELLATION Teliani (Kakheti)

JSC Teliani Valley was founded in 1997 on the basis of “Teliani Winery of Vintage Wines”, which was built in 19th century in Tsinandali, in the neighborhood of Teliani’s vineyards. Tsinandali, due to peculiarities of its soil and microclimate, has always been the center of Georgian viticulture. Here in 1886-1887, at the place of the old wine cellar and winery of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, a two-storey, 150 thousand-bucket winery was built by the decree of the Russian Emperor’s brother Michael Romanov. In 1891 Mossano, French winemaker from Bordeaux was invited to this cellar.

Mossano worked in Georgia for 9 years. He was first who introduced the European wine making technologies to Georgia from local vines. With his initiative various French grape species were brought to Georgia and cultivated. From all the foreign varieties Cabernet-Sauvignon, cultivated on Teliani Valley appeared to be the best. Mossano made Teliani wine from this grape. He send the first bottle to Emperor in Petersburg. The bottle had white paper attached saying “Cabernet-Sauvignon, From Teliani Valley 1893, Antoin Mossano”.

Emperor’s surrounding liked the wine very much. It was Mossano and wine Teliani, that made famous this small Valley situated on the fertile land of Kakheti. One can find Teliani and other Georgian-French wines and brandy of different harvests in old cellar of Tsinandali…

More than a century has passed from the first harvest of Teliani, legend about Mossano has faded away, however, one thing has remain unchanged, this is Teliani Valley, under the name of which Georgian wine has been produced for more than a century.



Teliani Valley, in the Telavi district of the Kakheti region.

Teliani Valley follows Georgian tradition of winemaking and at the same time, uses modern technologies, knowledge of young, motivated professionals. In May 2004 Teliani Valley established strategic relationship with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The latter has purchased the shares of Teliani Valley. This investment enabled the company to build a new wine factory, create new vineyards in the best micro zones of Georgia, improve marketing initiatives and increase sales of superior quality wine locally and abroad, partially renew equipment and increase capacity. Company replaced an outdate production line with a western analogy and installed modern, Italian grape processing equipment in a considerably short period of time. Pneumatic presses were installed in order to improve the quality of wine. A strict quality control system was established on every level of production, from grape selection to bottling. On February 23rd, 2005 Georgian Chamber of Trade and Industry named Teliani Valley as the best company of the year.


In Teliani Valley the biggest attention is paid to the quality of grape in wine production. We have vineyards in all the major winemaking micro regions of Georgia and their total space is 120 hectares. The wines of best origin are made from the high quality grapes of our vineyards. Our wine factory is located in Telavi, Kakheti region. Telavi is the center of Georgian wine production and a major wine-making region of the country. Kakheti region is characterized with moderate humidity, with moderately cold winter and hot summer. Here the temperature often reaches 31-40 degrees. Kakheti has brown soil, also, black and alluvial zones. Ideal soil for vine cultivation and soft climate are the best conditions for producing superior quality Georgian wine.


2006 Challenge International du Vine 

MUKUZANI 2003 (White Dry) Bronze medal, TELI 2004 (White Dry) Silver medal 

2007 IWC

SAPERAVI UNFILTERED 2005 (Red Dry) Commended, SAPERAVI 2005 (Red Dry) Commended, TSINANDALI 2005 (White Dry) Commended 

2008 IWSC

CABERNET-SAPERAVI 2006 (Red Dry) Silver medal Best in class, SAPERAVI UNFILTERED 2006 (Red Dry) Bronze medal 

2008 IWC

CABERNET-SAPERAVI 2006 (Red Dry) Commended, SAPERAVI UNFILTERED 2006 (Red Dry) Commended, TSINANDALI 2006 (White Dry) Commended, TVISHI 2007 (White Semi Sweet) Bronze medal 

2008 Decanter 

CABERNET-SAPERAVI 2006 (Red Dry) Commended, SAPERAVI UNFILTERED 2006 (Red Dry) Commended, KINDZMARAULI 2006 (Red Semi Sweet) Bronze medal 

2009 Mondial /France

MUKUZANI 2006 (Red Dry) Silver medal, TSOLIKOURI 2007 (White Dry) Silver medal, TSINANDALI 2007 (White Dry) Silver medal 

2009 IWSC 

TSINANDALI 2007 (White Dry) Silver medal Best in class, TSOLIKOURI 2007 (White Dry) Bronze medal, CHARDONNAY-RKATSITELI 2008 (White Dry) Bronze medal, CABERNET-SAPERAVI 2007 (Red Dry) Bronze medal, SAPERAVI UNFILTERED 2007 (Red Dry) Bronze medal, MUKUZANI 2006 (Red Dry) Bronze medal, KINDZMARAULI 2007 (Red Semi Sweet) Bronze medal

2009 Decanter 

CHARDONNAY-RKATSITELI 2008 (White Dry) Bronze medal, TSINANDALI 2007 (White Dry) Commended 

2009 IWC 

CABERNET-SAPERAVI 2007 (Red Dry) Commended

2009 ANUGA--Germany Wine Special 

NAPAREULI 2007 (Red Dry) Bronze Medal 

2009 ENOEXPO (Poland)

CABERNET-SAPERAVI 2007 (Red Dry) Bronze Medal 

2009 Wine for Asia 

SAPERAVI UNFILTERED 2007 (Red Dry) Silver Medal, NAPAREULI 2007 (Red Dry) Silver Medal, KHVANCHKARA (Red Semi Sweet) Bronze Medal, AKHASHENI 2007 (Red Dry) Bronze Medal, TSINANDALI 2007 (White Dry) Bronze Medal

2010 IWC

MUKUZANI 2006 (Red Dry) Silver Medal, TSINANDALI 2007 (White Dry) Silver medal, TSOLIKOURI 2007 (White Dry) Commended, CABERNET-SAPERAVI 2007 (Red Dry) Commended, TVISHI 2007 (White Semi Sweet) Commended 

2010 Decanter 

CHARDONNAY-RKATSITELI 2008 (White Dry) Bronze Medal, SAPERAVI UNFILTERED 2007 (Red Dry) Commended, TSINANDALI 2007 (White Dry) Bronze Medal 

2010 Wine Spectator

MUKUZANI 2006 (Red Dry) 88 points 

2010 IWSC 

MUKUZANI 2006 (Red Dry) Bronze Medal, SAPERAVI 2007 (Red Dry) Bronze Medal


In 2005 on the territory of Teliani Valley’s new winery in Telavi village, the owners built a small hotel Guest House. This hotel hosts Kakheti visitors, who appreciate wine.

There are only 7 rooms in Guest House, 2 of them are Loux and 5 standard. Eahch room is named after famous Georgian wines: Teliani, Mukuzani, Tsinandali, Saperavi, Teli, Kindzmarauli, Khvantchkara. Each room’s design is in the colors of relevant wine. Hotel service includes Breakfast and also can be ordered a traditional Kakhetian Supra. In our Enoteca you can taste Teliani Valley collection and vintage wines.

The Teliani Valley winery tour lasts for one hour. During the tour you will hear the history of Georgian wine-making history and stages of wine production; you will see grape-receiving, crushing and refrigerating units; you will attend bottling process.

The Kakheti regional wine tour can last for one or several days. This tour includes visiting Teliani Valley factory and sightseeing in Kakheti, also tasting best wines. Kakheti is located in eastern Georgia and is the major wine-making region. Many villages and towns are situated on the west of Alazani Valley. Kakheti is rich with historical and architectural monuments. The local people are as great hospitable as you’ll find anywhere else in Georgia. Most low-rise homes have their own underground cellar and press their own grapes.z


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