Nasrashvili Family Winery


Nasrashvili Family Winery is a family owned winery in Kakheti, Georgia with more than 7 hectares of vineyard. Winery offers various types of Georgian wines produced with different technologies, including ancient Georgian traditional method: fermenting wines in clay vessel, called Qvevri, which was used for wine-making 8000 years ago in Georgia. We are producing wines from different grapes including Rkatsiteli, Kisi, Mtsvane, Saperavi, Tavkveri, Khikhvi, Shavkapito, etc. Cellar also offers dinner, wine tastings and ethno tours.

Available wines:

Saperavi 2018 (qvevri, 6 months skin contact, 13.30%)

Kisi 2018 (steel vinification, 3 weeks skin contact, 12%)

Rkatsiteli 2018 (qvevri, 6 months skin contact, 12.50%)

Kisi-Mtsvane 2018 (steel vinification, 3 weeks skin contact, 12.50%)

Tavkveri 2018 (qvevri, 6 months skin contact, 12%)

Khikhvi 2018 (qvevri, 12.40%)



Dedoplistskaro Village, Kakheti Region


Nasrashvili Family Winery has 7 hectares of vineyard located in village Khirsa, Kakheti. However, to diversify its production and types of wine, the winery buys different grapes from various regions including Tavkveri from Kartli and Saperavi from Village Khashmi in the Kakheti Region. In their first year, they produced 20,000 bottles, and they plan to double production by 2022.



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