• Georgia uses methods of winemaking that you couldn’t invent in the modern world; you could only inherit them through the mists of time…

    Oz Clarke, The History of Wine in 100 Bottles

  • Georgia’s winemakers are the guardians of wine’s oldest traditions...

    Andrew Jefford, wine writer, Financial Times

  • A great Saperavi is shockingly good; no other words will do.

    Andrew Jefford, wine writer in Financial Times

  • Wine is the Georgians’ poetry and their folklore, their religion and their daily bread

    Alice Feiring

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Why Black Wine is going Viral on Instagram

Jan 30 2018

"Why black wine is going viral on Instagram?" - "these inky wines are actually some of the world’s oldest juice, made from an ancient, deeply pigmented red grape."


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Georgia Today

Georgian Wine Agency Presents Wine Development Strategy

Jan 29 2018

“Georgian Wine Agency presents wine development strategy to include "diversification of export markets, development of the local market, and sustainable viticulture, wine tourism…”


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Bourbon and Banter

The Embassy Series: Chacha – Georgia’s Native Spirit

Jan 29 2018

"Winemaking is one of the great sources of Georgian pride...besides having the historical record of making wine for millennia, what is truly special about Georgian wine is the methodology and variety..”


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